My concept of creativity, as I believe that’s the same one many have, is linked to my love for music. Every time I fell in love with some band I always eagerly awaited every new works from them. What does creativity have to do with it?

It’s obviously because it’s about artists, but it has to do with it because I’ve always expected something unexpected from them. If I have loved and love some artists, it is because I hope that they will enlighten a new way and if one of their new works casts the same light on the same old path, I feel betrayed. This is why we always say that band X has became “too commercial” meaning that they had not said anything new with their latest album and that, above all, this had greatly disappointed us. An artist does not have to please his audience. I’ve always forgave more easily an album by band X that disgusted me more than an album that meant me nothing more than the same thing they told me two years before.

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