Freakonomics’ podcast is famous for its weird topics. This time it is about… well, public restrooms

When we’re strolling at the mall we’re being probably listen to some music. I mean, not music that we decided to listen to in our earphones: music that someone else chose in order to influence our mood. Same thing at the restaurant or on the elevator. Do you know why there’s music on the elevators? Because they realized from the beginning that, well, people were not crazy of being stuck into such a small space.

Music has the power to boost or slow down our mood: researches show that the slower the music is at the mall, the more we’re inclined to buy (probably because we go with the flow and we’re more thoughtful).

What happens when we go to the toilet instead? The place where we make more noises is actually the quieter, so to expose ourselves to everybody’s ears. Strange, isn’t it? We need music in public toilet but we’re having none.

The reason? Apparently toilet are still a taboo almost everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re in India or in Nevada: toilet is not a topic of discussion.